The Urban Bike Titanium Folding bike Ti – MV1


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Introducing the latest addition to The Urban Bike’s collection – the full titanium minivelo city bicycle.
Designed and make entirely in Singapore, this bike is a true masterpiece of engineering and style.
Crafted from premium grade titanium, this bike is not only strong and durable, but also incredibly lightweight. The stem are designed to be turned and pedals detachable. And foldable design allows for easy storage or hang, making it the perfect choice for
urban commuters or those with limited storage space. Equipped with a single speed coaster brake style, this
bike is pure and simplest and requires almost no maintenance. The belt drive system provides a smooth
and efficient power transfer, while the airless tyres ensure that you’ll never have to worry about punctures
or flats again.

One of the most remarkable features of this bike is itsease of dismantling. Without any tools, you can take
this bike apart into 7 parts. And if you need to take iton a trip, the bike comes with a handy luggage bag.
The Ti-MV1 Fold is the perfect choice for those who value style, convenience, and leisure. With its premium materials, innovative design, and ultra-low maintenance, this bike is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Frame, fork, stem, handlebar, seatpost – titanium
Power – gates carbon drive cdx system
Crankset – the urban bike classic black
Speed – single speed
Saddle – spring saddles
Wheels – 20 inch 36 spokes
Tyres – tannus airless 20”x1.25(32-406)
Brake – front calibers, rear coaster
Weight – 9.7kg
Rider weight – 90kg max
Size – one size fit most
We reserve the right to change minor features without
prior notification.

Download Our brochure TM1 FOLD L.pdf

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Weight 51 kg