The Urban Bike AM1 Sport


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This is our newest ultra low maintenance minivelo with belt drive instead of oily chain. This feature erase the need for maintenance and greasy components, making it a convenient option for those who prefer minimal up keep.

The AM1 come with classic and sports models. Both features a 3 speed internal hub with coaster brake, which allows for easy and smooth shifting between gears. This is particularly useful for city riding, as it allows riders to quickly and easily adapt to changing terrain and traffic conditions.

Additionally, the airless tyres are 100% puncturefree, making it a practical choice for riders who don’t want to deal with flat tyres. Needless to say no more checking of air pressure, air pumps, spare tubes, and tools, every time you want to ride. Besides its benefit of a shorter length then normal bike, another wonderful feature is the handlebar can be turned and pedals detachable, making the bike ultra slim to lean against narrow corridors or hang on the wall. Pouch Not Included


Frame & fork – aluminium alloy
Power – gates carbon drive cdx system
Crankset – the urban bike classic black
Speed – 3 speed Shimano internal hub
Saddle – spring saddle
Wheels – 20 inch 36 spokes
Tyres – tannus airless 20”x1.25(32-406) for classic
tannus airless 20”x2(51-406) for sports
Brake – front calibers, rear coaster
Weight – 12kg classic large
Rider weight – 120kg max
Size – S for up to 1.65m and L for up to 1.85m
We reserve the right to change minor features
without prior notification

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Weight 80 kg

S, L