The Urban Bike AM2 Classic


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The Urban Bike AM2
Introducing The Urban Bike’s latest innovation in urban cycling, the AM2—a groundbreaking 20″
aluminum minivelo bicycle designed for the modern city dweller seeking the perfect blend of style,
convenience, and low maintenance. The AM2 represents a revolution in urban cycling, with a host
of features that make it the ultimate choice for the discerning urban commuter.
At the heart of the AM2 is its cutting-edge belt drive system. Say goodbye to the hassles of chain
maintenance, greasy hands, and regular lubrication. The maintenance-free belt drive is not only
cleaner but also exceptionally durable, staying taut and reliable over time. It ensures a smooth
and quiet ride while outlasting traditional chains, making it a long-term investment in your urban

The AM2 is equipped with a 3-speed internal gear hub, ensuring seamless gear changes without
the mess and exposure of oily gears. This feature simplifies maintenance and cleaning, giving you
more time to enjoy your ride.

Embracing the timeless Dutch-style design, the AM2 features classic rear coaster brakes that not
only add a touch of nostalgia but also reduce the need for brake cable maintenance. This makes
for a more enjoyable and carefree riding experience.

One of the standout features of the AM2 is its 100% puncture-free tires with an incredible riding
range of up to 9000 km. You’ll never have to worry about flat tires again, eliminating the need for
spare inner tubes, tires, or repair kits. This means no more unexpected stops for tire repairs, no air
pumps required, and more time spent on the road.

The AM2’s design is a blend of retro charm and contemporary elegance. Its swap-back handlebar
and curved frame exude a stylish and nostalgic feel. The front brake lever with a built-in bell adds
a minimalist touch, enhancing the bike’s overall aesthetics.

Comfort is key when it comes to the AM2. It features a spring saddle for a more comfortable
riding experience, ensuring you stay comfortable during your daily commute.
One of the most remarkable features of the AM2 is its versatility. The handlebar can be turned
sideways, and the pedals are detachable, allowing you to convert the bike into a slim mode
instantly. This feature is perfect for compact storage in small apartments or narrow corridors,
making the AM2 an urban dweller’s dream.
Weighing in at just 11kg (S size), the AM2 is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to hang on a
heavy-duty hook, much like a flat-screen TV. This innovative approach to storage is perfect for
those with limited space.
To cater to riders of different heights, the AM2 comes in two sizes: S for riders up to 1.65m and L
for riders up to 1.85m, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.
The AM2 is also complemented by a range of useful accessories that enhance its functionality
and style. These include a handlebar crossbar for pannier shopping bags, retro steel front and
rear fenders, a front carrier mount compatible with Brompton mount bags, a water bottle cage,
and even an Apple AirTag case for added security.

In summary, The Urban Bike’s AM2 is not just a bicycle; it’s a game-changer in urban mobility.
With its low maintenance, puncture-free tires, timeless design, and innovative features, the AM2
redefines urban cycling, offering a convenient, stylish, and enjoyable way to navigate the bustling
streets of the city. Get ready to revolutionize your daily commute with the AM2—the ultimate
urban minivelo bicycle.

Frame & fork – aluminium alloy
Power –Belt drive
Crankset – the urban bike classic black
Speed – 3 speed Shimano internal hub
Saddle – spring saddle
Wheels – 20 inch 36 spokes
Tyres – tannus airless 20”x1.25(32-406) for classic
tannus airless 20”x2(51-406) for sports
Brake – front calibers, rear coaster
Weight – 12kg classic large
Rider weight – 120kg max

Size – S for up to 1.65m and L for up to 1.85m

Picture show with full accessrioes , Rack holder , fender , bottle cage , apple tag holder, apple tag , crossbar,Pouch not included( add on separately )

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Weight 55.5 kg

S, L


Single, 3 Speed