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Discover the superior performance of our bicycle lineup, exclusively featuring belt-driven systems. Our bikes combine chic and stylish aesthetics with exceptional lightweight design. Enhanced by the innovative Gates Carbon Drive system, our bicycles offer a level of simplicity that surpasses traditional chains. Crafted from internally woven carbon fiber, the belt ensures a cleaner, smoother, and stronger ride that won’t elongate over time.

Experience the advantages:

  • Cleanliness: With no need for lubrication, our bikes prevent greasy buildup, keeping you and your surroundings spotless.
  • Smoothness: The Carbon Drive system eliminates metal-to-metal contact, providing an unparalleled smooth ride that must be experienced to be believed.
  • Silence: Virtually silent in most riding conditions, the Carbon Drive belt ensures a noise-free journey.
  • Lightweight: The entire system, including two sprockets and the belt, weighs less than a typical chain.
  • No Stretch: Unlike chains, the Carbon Drive belt maintains its original length over time, eliminating the need for constant re-tensioning or replacements due to stretch.

Additional benefits include:

  • Self-Cleaning: The patented CenterTrack and MudPort profiles efficiently shed mud, dirt, snow, and debris, addressing the environmental challenges of cycling.
  • Extended Lifespan: Rigorous testing has demonstrated that the Carbon Drive belt lasts more than twice as long as traditional chains.
  • Consistent Efficiency: The Carbon Drive system maintains consistent efficiency throughout its lifespan, unlike chains that experience decreased efficiency with wear and dirt.
  • Maintenance-Free: Say goodbye to rusty, oily chains. Our belt-driven bikes require no greasing and offer a maintenance-free cycling experience.



Tannus Airless Tyres

Belt Drive

Gates Carbon Drive belt

Slim Mode

Internal Hub

Shimano alfine

Authorized dealer of Schindelhauer Bikes/Rizoma

We are delighted to announce that we are an authorized dealer for Schindelhauer Bikes and Rizoma. As a trusted partner, we bring you the finest in cycling excellence, offering access to these prestigious brands known for their precision engineering, innovative design, and commitment to performance. Explore our showroom and experience the world of Schindelhauer Bikes and Rizoma, where every ride is a testament to style, quality, and cutting-edge technology. Your journey into the extraordinary begins with us, your authorized dealer for these distinguished brands.



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Singapore 768159

Contact +65 98796813



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