Gates Carbon Drives

Clean, smooth, strong, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of all cyclists.

If you’re into long-distance or rugged off-road cycling, our CDX belt is the best choice. Composed of a weather-resistant polyurethane exterior, the advanced high-performance belt features strong, stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords. If you’re a casual urban cyclist, our CDN Carbon Drive belt is the right choice with its nine carbon cords and an engineered polymer body.

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains, and join the Gates Carbon
Drive revolution. Clean. Smooth. Strong. These are the advantages of the Gates
Carbon Drive™ System. Our carbon reinforced belts last longer than chains,
never need grease and are nearly maintenance-free. Say goodbye to
high-maintenance bike chains. Say hello to simplicity and fun. 

Created by Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Gates Carbon Drive is the best high-mileage bicycle drive on the market. Whether you’re an urban commuter, rugged mountain biker, eBike rider, or casual cruiser, Gates Carbon Drive has a solution. Choose from our CDX™ High-Performance or our CDN™ Urban products—each offering specialized sprockets, belts, and cranksets.