Gates Carbon Drives

Clean, smooth, strong, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of all cyclists.

Composed of a weather-resistant polyurethane exterior, the advanced high-performance belt features strong, stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords. If you’re a casual urban cyclist

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains, and join the Gates Carbon
Drive revolution. Clean. Smooth. Strong. These are the advantages of the Gates
Carbon Drive™ System. Our carbon reinforced belts last longer than chains,
never need grease and are nearly maintenance-free. Say goodbye to
high-maintenance bike chains. Say hello to simplicity and fun. 

Created by Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Gates Carbon Drive is the best high-mileage bicycle drive on the market. Whether you’re an urban commuter, rugged mountain biker, eBike rider, or casual cruiser, Gates Carbon Drive has a solution. Choose from our CDX™ High-Performance. Urban products—each offering specialized sprockets, belts, and cranksets.