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eurobike 2019
Specialist in custom titanium & belt driven bikes


Authorized dealer of Schindelhauer Bikes.

The Urban Bike is founded by 3 friends who met through their passion, which is photography. They are not only passionate photographers, but also avid cyclists. Some people would say photography and cycling comes hand-in-hand. What do you think?

Anyway, meet Tiffany, Lem and EC, the people behind The Urban Bike. The company was started as a result of their interest in cycling to work whenever possible. Well, it’s an effort to help save the earth right. So anyway, had enough of battling the crowds on public transport or sitting in traffic burning heaps of increasingly expensive fossils? Why not consider biking to where you need to be? Riding your bike to work, or wherever you need to be is cheap and quick, be it occasionally or all the time. Plus, it helps keep you fit too!

What is so different about the bikes we carry? As said, the bikes we sell are all belt driven. They are chic, stylish and most importantly pretty lightweight for a bike!

Even more powered by Gates Carbon Drive system for simplicity, so it is cleaner, smoother and  stronger than chain and will not elongate as it is constructed from carbon fibre internally.

CleanNo Lubrication means no greasy build up of dirt, keeping your hands, clothes, and children clean. Smooth – The Carbon Drive system eliminates the metal-to-metal contact of chains, delivering an unparalleled smoothness that you need to feel to believe

No NoiseThe Carbon Drive belt is virtually silent in most riding conditions.Light Weight – the entire system, 2 sprockets and a belt, weighs less than just a typical chain.No Stretch – The Carbon Drive belt does not stretch over time like a chain.

This means you don’t have to re-tension the belt, or replace the belt due to stretch. Self-Cleaning – The patented CenterTrack and MudPort profiles were designed specifically to shed mud, dirt, snow and other debris to meet the needs and environmental challenges of a bicycle.Life – Testing has shown the Carbon Drive belt to last more than twice the life of chains.

Consistent Efficiency – the Carbon Drive belt provides consistent efficiency over the lifetime of the drive. In contrast, chain efficiency decreases with wear and dirt.

No rusty and oily chains. No greasing required and maintenance free.


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