Titanico Watershed Leather, Pewter

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Titanico Watershed Leather, Pewter


Probably the most comfortable leather saddle you will ever ride on. What’s the break in period? Well, there isn’t one! Hand crafted saddle made from second skin watershed top quality leather. Made and designed in USA. Titanico has a large laminate which supports the leather upper to allow enough stretch while Titanico Xemploys two laminates whose grains cross each other in an opposing X pattern providing maximum stretch resistance.

The two sides of your body move independently so there’s no reason your saddle shouldn’t move with them. The patented slot is the most important part of the suspended leather design. It supports your weight and moves with you. Leather is the only material that can be provide ergonomic surface support and anatomic relief.


Titanico for rider weight: 54 – 86 kg (120-190lbs)

*price and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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