Lightskin Handlebar,D31.8mm, L660mm,Matt black


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Lightskin Handlebar,D31.8mm, L660mm,Matt black

The head light is necessary equipment for the safety of night riding, but there are not much space on the handle bar with brake lever, gear lever, and various cables. Since the Built-in Light Handlebar of LightSKIN has a built-in head light at the handle bar, it makes the design simple and can be used whenever it is necessary, and has a low concerns of theft & damage.

  • Included 18650 lithium-Ion battery and battery charger
  • LED : 1 High Brightness LED(200lumen)
    Durability : About 6 hours (High Brightness with 2500mAh) / (Maximum) About 12 hours (Low brightness, Flickering with 2500mAh)
    Batteries : 3.7volt 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
    Waterproof : Waterproof for everyday life
    Operation : 3 modes (High, Low, Frickering)
    Function : Battery low alarm, low voltage protection
    Weight :
    ㅡ LED module : Approximately 25 gram(without battery)
    ㅡ Battery : Approximately 50~40 gram(18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery)
    ㅡ Handlebar : D25.4mm/W560mm : 220gram, D31.8/W660mm : 270gram
Weight 5 kg